25 de abril de 2013

valeu a pena ler

Anna was just so tired of this. Tired of being put down, and tired of having people talk behind her back and having rumors spread about her. No one cared about her, no one. She had pretended to be sick so her parents would let her stay home. It was the perfect plan. She went to her father’s medicine cabinet after she was sure that she was alone, and reached for the sleeping pills. Setting the bottle on the kitchen counter, she began to write her farewell notes; one for her parents, on for her sister, one for her boyfriend, and one for her best friend. She signed them and placed them in a single stack on her bed. When she went back into the kitchen she grabbed the bottle of pills, emptied it in her mouth and swallowed every single one of them. She waited 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour. Until she got too impatient and grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went to her bathroom. Staring at her reflection and being disgusted with what she saw, she took the blade to her wrist and cut deep, enough to hit a vein. She collapse to the floor and the blood poured out of her. She curled up on the bathroom floor in excruciating pain and clutched her right hand against her left wrist and let out a blood curdling scream. A scream of pure pain. Her world began to go dark as she whispered, “I’m sorry…”
The weeks leading up to this day were torturous; filled with rude comments from the people who only have one goal in life - to make her life a living hell. Every day she would wake up and put the fakest of smiles on her face just to please everyone, and try to survive the day. Day in and day out, people really did genuinely believe that she was okay, and she liked it that way. There were a lot of people who relied on her, and she didn’t want to let any of them down. She loved each and every one of them so much. The heartless people who have bullied her for years don’t care about her. They would never think that she’s the way that she is - depressed and helpless.
“Oh god no! No no no!” She faintly heard someone scream. It was the voice of her boyfriend, Ryan. She felt him grab her by her shoulders and shake her, “wake up Anna, don’t die on me! Please baby… I love you!” She heard him command. He shook her more and more violently, trying to get her to wake up. He wrapped her wound on her arm with his jacket. “ANNA!” he kept screaming louder and louder. She wished she was able to respond. She didn’t mean for him to find her like this. Tears are streaming down his face and he buries his face in her neck; sobbing.
When Ryan had noticed that Anna wasn’t at school or answering her phone, he decided that during his free period he would go over to her house with a bowl of his mother’s homemade chicken soup, and Anna’s favorite magazine. When he got there, what he saw wasn’t what he was expecting at all. Later that night, he was sitting at the hospital with her parents, sister, and best friend. They were all awaiting to hear the news that he knew wasn’t going to be good, but that all still were hoping for the best. The doctor came out and apologizes before he told them the awful news; that she hadn’t made it. Ryan couldn’t breathe, let alone comprehend that his love wasn’t on the earth anymore. Her parents sank into each other arms and cried inconsolably. Her sister and best friend screamed and went into denial; they didn’t believe what they had just heard. All of the other people in the waiting room stared at them, their hearts broke at the sight of a family who had just lost one of the most important person in each of their lives.
About a week later, a funeral was held for Anna. The whole school attended; even the teachers and other faculty were in attendance. Everyone at the ceremony was crying, even the people who had bullied her all those years, and even people who had never talked to her. When it was all said and done, she was buried. Her mother was now severely depressed, her father hadn’t said a word since the funeral. Her sister had dropped out of college and moved back home to focus on her mental issues caused by this whole thing. Her best friend failed all of her classes that year and blew any chances of getting into an ivy league school, which she always dreamed of. Ryan never married, he never fell in love again, and he visited her grave every week. No one ever forgot about Anna because although she thought that no one cared, and she was doing everyone a favor by killing herself, she wasn’t. People did care.

Não é meu, mas deixou-me a chorar.  

4 comentários:

Paula disse...

muito bom! adorei a história... emocionante! era bem que sirvice de lição para outros

somaijum disse...

Depois do burro morto, cevada ao rabo.
Ou a prova de que devemos ser as pessoas mais importantes para nós, independentemente do que os outros pensem ou digam.
Da morte não há retorno.

E esta merda de me passares TPC's num dia feriado, tem de acabar. xD

Mariposa Colorida disse...

Não consigo ler muito bem em Inglês. :(

patrícia disse...

Não vou traduzi-lo porque é enorme, mas muito, muito resumidamente, é sobre uma miúda que se suicida porque sofria de bullying e achava que ninguém se importava, mas depois de morta todos queriam saber dela e até os bullys choraram no funeral. Mas isto tem uma carga emocional incrível, eu desmanchei-me a chorar :|