terça-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2014

um bocado disto

and I would go home and put on a sweatshirt with my eyes closed,
deny myself the right to be shown myself,
because I didn't dare want to insinuate beauty
in regards to something so insulting as my body.
But I mean we all end up with our heads between our knees
because the only place we'll ever truly feel safe
is curled up inside skin we've been taught to hate
by a society that shuns our awful confidence and feeds us our own flaws
and sometimes when I need to meet the me that loves me, I can't find her

Mas por acaso eu até era capaz de dizer estas coisas bonitas sobre o amor próprio se tivesse aquela cara de boneca e o meu único problema fosse um par de mamas impossíveis de ver a olho nu.

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